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Gumboro Disease Clinical Signs Pictures in Male Chicken.

Gumboro Disease or Infectious bursal disease (IBD) is a highly contagious disease (viral disease) in chickens, an acute disease in chickens manifested by inflammation and subsequent atrophy of the bursa of Fabricius, various degrees of nephritis and immunosuppression.

The disease can present as clinical or subclinically. In male chicken (from layer strain chicken), infections before 2 wk of age are usually subclinical. Chickens are most susceptible to clinical disease at 3–4 wk of age.  Early subclinical infections are the most important form of the disease because of economic losses. They cause severe, long-lasting immunosuppression due to destruction of immature lymphocytes in the bursa of Fabricius, thymus, and spleen. Immunosuppression related to secondary infections. But, the severity of the immunosuppression depends on the virulence of the infecting virus and age of the host.

In clinical infections, the onset of the disease occurs after an incubation of 3–4 days. Chickens have severe depression, prostration,  watery diarrhea, soiled vent feathers,  and inflammation of the cloaca.

The severity of the disease will depend on the age and breed of chicken (Layers type chicken (brown egg, male) are more susceptible than broilers) and the virulence of the virus.

See picture below, this is layer type chicken, white is male, breeder kept this chicken for produce meat, and brown is female for produce eggs. The male chicken is more susceptible to IBD virus, with high incidences rate.

layer chicken, gumboro, ibd, disease, poultry, signs, symptoms, pictures, images
White is male chicken

Gumboro, disease, symptoms, signs, ibd, chicken, pictures, image

Gumboro clinical signs

susceptible age, 18-25 days old, clinical disease, in male chicken can make medium mortality rate.

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haemorragic on muscle
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Haemorrhagic on muscle : hemorrhage of the pectoral and leg muscles

muscle, haemoragic, ibd, gumboro, pathology, lesions, virus, pictures, photos, images, chicken

Hemorrhagic on muscle

bursa of fabricius, ibd, gumboro, infectious bursal disease, signs, symptoms, chicken, poultry, pictures
Lesions on Bursa of Fabricius

swollen, edematous, yellowish, and  hemorrhagic. Chickens that have recovered from IBDV infections have small, atrophied, cloacal bursas due to the destruction and lack of regeneration of the bursal follicles.

bursa of fabricius, infectious bursal disease, ibd, gumboro, chicken, symptoms, pictures

Lesion on bursa of Fabricius :

proventriculus, ibd, gumboro, disease, chicken, pathology, lesions, pictures, photos, images

lesions on proventriculus

feces, gumboro, ibd, bursa, fabricius, infectious, disease, chicken, poultry, signs, pictures

feces, watery diarrhea, faeces containing plenty of urates

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