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Infectious Coryza symptoms pictures in laying hens.

Infectious coryza or IC is an acute respiratory disease of chickens characterized by nasal discharge, sneezing, and swelling of the face under the eyes. Coryza is a bacterial disease in chickens caused by bacteria Avibacterium paragallinarum. This bacterium is a gram-negative, pleomorphic, nonmotile, catalase-negative bacteria.

The disease can found worldwide. If treatment is done correctly, the disease does not cause a high mortality rate. However, the morbidity rate is very high. Then, in laying hens will cause a decrease in feed intake significantly and causes a severe drop in egg production.

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Coryza Symptoms

In the picture above is a severe clinical symptom. In the more severe form, there is severe swelling of one or both infraorbital sinuses with edema of the surrounding tissue, which may close one or both eyes. The swelling usually abates in 10–14 days, in this condition there have been complications of infection by other bacteria (E. coli & Mycoplasma). Swelling can persist for months, the condition of the chickens becomes severe due to complicated infections and may end in death, if antibiotic treatment is failed or not treated.

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In the mildest form of the disease, the only signs may be depression, a serous nasal discharge, and occasionally slight facial swelling. In this phase, respiratory symptoms can be observed clearly, although not seen swelling on the chicken face. The disease spreads rapidly in a flock, through direct contact, airborne, contamination of drinking water, feed, and equipment. See picture below.

infectious, coryza, coriza, chicken, disease, poultry, pictures, avian, vet, veterinarian
Infectious Coryza Symptoms

The severity of the disease varies greatly among infected chickens in a chicken house. There are chickens with severe symptoms to mild symptoms. Not all chickens in the chicken house are infected at the same time. Then, mass treatment with antibiotics often fails. In the field of breeders do mass treatment with antibiotics 5-7 days. However, after treatment is complete, there are still many chickens showing clinical symptoms. Breeders should re-treat their chickens with antibiotics. Many errors handling techniques against disease, causing huge economic losses.

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Infectious Coryza. The picture above shows severe symptoms, although no significant visible swelling of the chicken’s face. However, this is a severe condition and the chicken looks dehydrated. Chickens like this often end in death.

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Coryza in chickenPathological lesions may be limited to the infraorbital sinuses. There is a copious, tenacious, grayish, semifluid exudate. Chronic form or with other pathogens become involved, the sinus exudate may become consolidated and turn yellowish. In conditions such as these lesions, chickens need intensive antibiotic treatment. Not enough just to give antibiotics for 5 days. Infraorbital inflammation can be avoided, but complete cure in the sinuses requires prolonged antibiotic treatment.

Farm with multi-age system becomes an important factor in the occurrence of repeated coryza cases in the farm. The existence of carrier chicken can not be avoided in the multi-age farm. Chickens who are sick, after treatment will recover from clinical symptoms but still have the potential to spread bacteria to other chickens or in younger chickens with low immunity. The case will happen again on another flock.

infectious coryza, symptoms, signs, chicken, farming, vet, avian, veterinarian
Coryza in Pullet (young chicken)

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coryza, chicken, poultry, disease, image, pictures, symptoms, vet, avian, veterinarian, farming

coryza, chicken, poultry, disease, image, pictures, symptomsTreatment, case handling techniques and prevention programs for this disease will be published in another article. Thank you.

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