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Respiratory disease caused by bacterium Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) is the most common disease in broiler chickens. This disease is very common, and the disease is almost always followed by secondary infection by bacteria E. coli or colibacillosis complex. This disease has the greatest contribution or the main cause of the greatest economic loss compared to other diseases. This disease (Mycoplasmosis & Colibacillosis) is a chronic disease that has the highest incidence rate of cases compared to other diseases. Viral diseases such as vvND and Avian Influenza can kill large amounts of chicken in a short time, but these cases are rare, the incidence rate is low. Not all breeders have experienced it. But for colibacillosis and the problem of mycoplasma infection almost every breeder often experience it.

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Common respiratory diseases in broiler chicken, mycoplasma gallisepticum

Mycoplasma infection may be inapparent or result in varying degrees of respiratory distress, with rales, difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing. Mortality low in uncomplicated cases but high morbidity. Nasal discharge and conjunctivitis may be present. in turkeys and broiler chicken swelling of the infraorbital sinuses is common. Feed efficiency and weight gains are reduced. Bad feed conversion rate. Commercial broiler chickens and market turkeys may suffer high condemnations at processing due to airsacculitis.

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mycoplasma gallisepticum, MG infection, swelling head

Respiratory symptoms and swollen face are common symptoms. Some other diseases such as infectious bronchitis, colibacillosis, avian influenza can cause similar symptoms. In the case of mycoplasmosis, chronic illness occurs, the mortality rate is low, but the mortality will increase if complications occur with e coli bacteria. In viral diseases such as Avian influenza and Newcastle disease, respiratory symptoms are similar, but the mortality is very high, acute, without following with severe colibacillosis. So, the dead chicken still looks fat or weight is still good. In mycoplasmosis and colibacillosis the chickens die in skinny conditions because the disease occurs chronically. Chickens that die can be found sporadically in a chicken house.

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Complication, E Coli secondary infection

E coli bacteria have a big role to the high mortality rate. This bacterium can not be eliminated from the farm completely. If the chicken is attacked by an agent of the disease, then E coli bacteria will always follow the primary disease and will aggravate the condition of chicken health.

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Pericarditis, perihepatitis, fibrinopurulent airsacculitis, colibacillosis

Improper sanitary farm conditions and poor quality of drinking water are the sources of E coli bacteria. In these farms, cases of mycoplasmosis are more severe and difficult to overcome. Complications with bacterial infection of E coli must occur earlier.

There is no effective treatment in chickens with the condition of lesions as in the picture above. There is no antibiotic that can cure effectively for severe Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD). And it is very uneconomical to perform treatment on severe conditions. Thus, treatment is only done for chickens with mild and moderate symptoms.

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Chicken in the picture above, will not be able to survive at high chicken house temperature. At the farm with the design house openside, in the tropics, the temperature in the house is relatively high at noon, sunlight coming from the side into the house, resulting in a density of chickens in the midst of the house.  At high ambient temperatures, deaths occur in chickens with severe lesion conditions, if the ambient temperature is low, then the mortality rate will decrease, but the increasing trend of mortality rates continues to increase during the absence of antibiotic treatments.

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mortality pattern, mycoplasma gallisepticum infection

The other biggest problem is, the incidence rate of antibiotic resistance is very high. Especially against E.coli. So, sensibly, colibacillosis case becomes the biggest contribution to economic loss in business poultry. These bacteria are always present in the farm, and many antibiotics become ineffective to overcome them.

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Resistance antibiotics

Moreover, to overcome the complications of infection by several bacteria simultaneously, it is hard using antibiotics. Of course it will not work well. So, for broiler, to maintain endurance, chicken stamina through good production management is the best solution. See also

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