Gizzard erosion, costridium, proventriculus, ulceration, vet, veterinary, veterinarian

Vet Case 001:

Broiler, 18 days old (19 July), complete feed, no respiratory symptoms, sudden death, high mortality.

What causes ulceration in proventriculus and erosion of the gizzard leading to high mortality in these chickens?

Gizzard, erosion, proventriculus, junction, vet, ulceration, broiler
Sudden death, 17 days old broiler: Vet case 001

the spread of disease:  farm has 3 houses,  Deaths were observed in every pen and every chicken house on the 8th and 9th days, almost simultaneously.

Gizzard erosion, proventriculus, junction, outbreaks, ulcer
Spread of disease: Gizzard erosion & ulceration outbreaks, vet case 001

daily mortality data in H1, H2, H3

Gizzard, erosion, ulceration, proventriculus, chicken, ulcer, broiler, clostridium, vet, mortality
daily mortality data up to 19 July 2017 and seer next data below : vet case 01

Antibiotics (amoxicillin) are given from 14 July to 21 July, via drinking water.

ulcer, ulceration, proventriculus, gizzard
ulceration proventriculus mortality  

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Daily mortality Graphic

mycotoxin, mycotoxicosis, necrotic enteritis
mortality graphic

After the administration of antibiotics (amoxicillin) for 7 days, the daily mortality of chickens decreased significantly, and good body weight growth.
These cases have occurred in the same farm, exactly one year ago in August. At that time, giving antibiotics gave good results. Chicken weight growth is pretty good. View video ( the same case happened in 2016).
No problem with the chicken feed. The feed used for this farm is also used by other farms. No problems with other farms. If this is a problem with a mycotoxin, it does not come from the complete feed. If this is purely a matter of mycotoxin, antibiotics will not give good results. This case is still an investigation.

Clostridium contributes to this case, because there are also lesions in the intestine, but is ulceration in proventriculus in the above image caused by bacteria (Clostridium) or mycotoxin? Need lab help.

hemorrhages on intestine and ulceration junction gizzard-small intestine.

Gizzard erosion, ulceration, proventriculus, chicken, broiler, clostridium, vet, mortality, treatment
Gizzard-small intestine ulceration, vet case 001

Ulceration Proventriculus & Gizzard Erosion, These pathological lesions can be caused by many causes. infectious and non-infectious agents. Hopefully, this case can be learning material or discussion materials in the classroom, field case study materials for students.