chicken anemia virus, cav, virus, anemia

This is broiler chicken, 19 days old, high mortality, with ulcer dermatitis (bacterial infection, Staphylococcus), nor respiratory symptoms. Chickens with symptoms of dermatitis are found only in one strain type of chicken, not found in other strains with the same litter origin.

Chicken anemia, cav, anemia, symptoms, signs, chicken diseases, chicken anemia virus, virus
Ulcer on the skin, bacterial infection, immunosuppressive?

Death of chicken with clinical symptoms, weakness, dull feather, daily mortality slightly increased from day 8. Only occurs in one strain of chicken, dead chickens and sick chicken found in every pen in the chicken house. This case is not found in another house with different chicken strains. On the 10th day began to see many chickens died with dermatitis symptoms.

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subcutaneous hemorrhages and muscles, chicken anemia?

there are haemorrages similar to gumboro virus infections (IBD) and IBH.

chicken anemia virus, chicken anemia, symptoms, signs, diagnosis

This farm often has gumboro cases. But in this production cycle, ulceration dermatitis becomes the most dominant symptom.

chicken anemia virus
Bursa of Fabricius


chicken anemia virus, veterinary, poultry diseases, pictures, images, field vet
no significant lesion

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chicken anemia virus, cav, symptoms, lesions
Spread of disease

Cases of dermatitis with high mortality often occur over the age of 8 days, only in certain strains, immunosuppressive be a presumption why the skin of these chickens is easily infected by bacteria.

anemia in chicken
dialy mortality

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chicken anemia virus, cav, blue wing, virus, chicken anemia
blue wing ?,

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chicken anemia virus, bone, marrow, pale, immunosupresive, virus, cav
sick chicken bone marrow pale vs healthy chicken, chicken anemia?

pale bone marrow in sick chickens, in contrast to healthy chickens with other strains of the same age.


chicken anemia virus, chicken anemia, anemia, poultry, immunosupresive, diseases, poultry, thymus
Thymus atrophy, chicken anemia?

There is no laboratory confirmation, in this case. What is the diagnosis of this case? hopefully, this can be a discussion material for veterinary students. at first glance it is seen the problem of bacterial infection, but should be suspected there is an immunosuppresive problem in this case.hopefully, this can be a discussion material for veterinary students.