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AGP or Antibiotic growth promoter in poultry.

Necrotic enteritis is a common poultry disease and is easily found in the field. Poor feed raw material quality is the biggest cause of this problem. Feed raw materials are an ever-changing variable. The quality of feed raw materials is always fluctuating. Not always farmers get raw materials with good quality unless they want to spend a higher cost to get good raw materials and stable quality. If they concentrate only on cheap feed prices, sometimes they will get poor quality raw materials. then digestive disorders, disbacteriosis, cases of necrotic enteritis or clostridium infection has always been a common problem in the field. It all starts with poor feedstock and chicken stress levels.

some farmers overcome this by using antibiotic growth promoters, AGPs. But in fact, in recent years the use of some AGPs to address this problem is ineffective. Use of low-dose antimicrobials does not address the problem of necrotic enteritis in the field if the problem is due to the quality of the feed ingredients. The use of AGPs does not compensate for the poor quality of feed ingredients.

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necrotic enteritis in chickens

Good feed ingredients are an absolute necessity for livestock. Animals have the right to get it. And the breeder is obliged to obey. this is part of animal welfare.

Now the use of AGPs in poultry farms is prohibited. The quality of feed ingredients always varied, not always farmers get the best quality feed raw materials. In the future, Necrotic enteritis will be a big problem. Indeed many substitutes or alternatives of antibacterial growth promoter in the market (mcfa, scfa, butyrates, herbs, plants, essecial oils, EO) a lot of product claims that can overcome necrotic enteritis. Is this claim correct or something too bombastic? Are the AGP substitute products able to overcome or compensate for the poor quality of feed ingredients in overcoming necrotic enteritis? What do you think?

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you notice the above intestine image, a severe lesion. In the same chicken, this chicken still has good egg follicles.

clostridium, necrotic enteritis, agp, antibiotic growth promoter, Antimicrobial Growth Promoters , agps
AGPs in Feed: Necrotic enteritis & follicles growth

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Below is a picture of a chicken follicle stricken with a virus. In a short time, we often find a picture of this follicle in chickens infected with ND virus or AI virus. Acute illness. However, sometimes without significant pathologic lesions in other organs. Compare it to the intestinal lesions caused by Clostridium.

clostridium, necrotic enteritis, agp, antibiotic growth promotor, follicles
Follicles atresia, viral infection