Compare the curves egg production below, line curve vs image illustration.

look at this image (“line” curve)

Compare the image above with the curves (image illustrated) below!

Which one is most interesting for you to display in your presentation?

Image Illustration of Egg Production Curve

egg production, curve, graph, hen, chicken

Normal curve of egg production, normal egg size, and eggshell color  (download large image)

in this picture above, your audience will easily understand and compare the egg shape and egg size change, and eggshell color in the phase when the chicken starts to produce, during peak production, after peak production period.

look at the picture below!

in the picture below, you will see the shadow of the normal curve, compare with the real curve !. Flock this chicken late production, late to reach the peak production. but at the peak of production, the size of the egg looks bigger. usually, a graph like this has HD higher than the standard when the chicken has reached the age of 60 weeks.


egg production curve, laying, layer, chicken, hens
late to reach the peak production (delay egg production curve) (download original image)


Compare the image below!

This is a chicken egg production curve that has an outbreak of disease. see the egg shape change! Graphics like this are more interesting for your audience.

newcastle disease, curve, egg, drop, production
Egg Production Curve with Disease (download original images)

find the difference of the curve above with the curve below!

curve, graph, egg production, h9n2, avian influenza
The curve of Egg Production, with disease (download original image)

Some diseases have an impact on specific egg changes. But be careful to diagnose based on this egg shape. Because the same changes in egg shape can also be observed from different diseases. But a more dominant change can be an indicator of certain diseases.

diseases, egg production, hy line, brown, layer
Egg Production Graph, with disease at early production

Look at image below!

newcastle disease, nd, eggshell, egg, chicken
Newcastle Disease egg shape (download original images)

You can use this image to start a presentation or a discussion. this is interesting.

avian influenza, egg, shape, production
Illustration, Avian Influenza

We provide these illustrative images (original files with larger size) to make it easier for your audiences to understand the characteristics of decreasing egg production. 3200 x 2400 pixel. Black (JPG) and transparent background (PNG) files,  you can put the image (PNG File) on any background color you like, see picture below. Download Original Files here.

Transparent image png files

The above transparent image you can put on the background with whatever color you like on your powerpoint slides. and add any texts.

on blue background or green, etc.

In the field, we can find many variations of egg production charts-graphs-curves The model curve depends on the health of the chicken. A chicken flock that suffers from a disease will be different from the production curve on a healthy chicken flock. Not always the model of a graph is the same on the various flocks with suffering from a similar disease.

avian influenza, h9n2, pathology
Talk about egg drop production, talk about follicle lesions (download larger file size)


avian influenza, bird flu, images
follicle and lesions, download large files and transparent image

DOWNLOAD LARGE IMAGES ABOVE , without watermark for your interesting presentation