Typography is interesting. Many issues or information can be more beautiful and more meaningful if they are displayed in the form of typography.

Typography can attract attention.
typography can make the introduction of your presentation more interesting.
Typography is art. The art of delivering information.
Here are some examples of issues about avian influenza, or bird flu.

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laying hens infected with avian influenza virus h5n1, swollen face and cyanosis comb.

typographic: the following terms are very closely related to avian influenza. these are terms that we often use when discussing avian influenza or bird flu.

use image for many art designs (ex. technical brochure)

for brochure, magazine cover, articles

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simple: bird flu typography artsimple design

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h9n2 virus infection in laying hens

diagnosis cannot be made based solely on egg shape, because other diseases also cause similar symptoms.

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simple, bird flu in chickens, typographic art

For more picture of bird flu issues, click here

you can use other background colors

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avian influenza typography, bird flu in chickens

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follicles pathology, H9N2 virus infection in laying hens

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H5N1 virus infection in broiler

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avian influenza in laying hens

h9n2 virus infection & symptoms

poster, h5n1 virus, infection, chicken, poultry, h5n1 in poultry
poster: h5n1 virus infection in chicken, bird flu in chickens

H5N1 virus infection in chicken with no vaccination.

print picture for wall decoration

bird flu pandemic, h5n1 outbreaks
bird flu images

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