This website is a source of information on poultry diseases occurring in various conventional poultry farms. The information contains images of clinical symptoms, gross pathology, and various data from various cases of the disease.

This website will be a source of learning materials for veterinary students, materials for discussion for case studies, an inspirational source for research ideas, seminars and theses. The content of the website does not become a standard knowledge for veterinary education but as a source of material for further study in the classroom or at the university and the source of material for discussion.

For veterinary students, knowledge is not only obtained from schools or universities, but knowledge is also available in the field, from a variety of farms, including poultry farms. Poultry farms can be their second school.  At modern farms, they will get knowledge of production management, but at conventional farms, they will learn a lot about diseases problem and mismanagements. Thus, this website is a solution for students who do not have access to study to conventional poultry farms.

This website is also useful for poultry breeders, professionals, and enthusiasts of the science of poultry. This website will be a source of data for comparison and additional knowledge for them.